PPF's flagship Brave New Work project is wrapping up by rounding up the perspectives and insights of over 20 of the people who contributed to the project over the years. We ask them what they learned about the future of work, and what they recommend needs to be done next.
About the Event

Since 2018, PPF’s flagship Brave New Work project explored “the Messy Middle” of the world of work – the relative “wasteland” between the education system that gets young workers into the labour market and the comprehensive set of income supports required as people exit the workforce.

As the project wraps up at the end of three years, we rounded up key participants and contributors to ask what they learned about the future of work from globalization, digitization, and even the pandemic and to look ahead at the future of work.

Click the names and photos below to read each person’s perspective and recommendations for a better future of work.

In case you missed it, check out all the Brave New Work research and conference videos on the project webpage.

What We Learned: Brave New Work Round Up
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Edward Greenspon
AJ Tibando and Arvind Gupta
Anne-Marie Hubert
Armine Yalnizyan
Benoit-Antoine Bacon
Peter Loewen & Blake Lee-Whiting
Brian Topp
Don Lovisa
Garima Talwar Kapoor
Harvey Weingarten
Jeannette Campbell
Jennifer Robson
Jerry Dias
Jim Stanford
Kevin Ramnarine
Laura Lam
François Montminy-Munyan
Sean Speer
Theresa Lubowitz
Vass Bednar