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The Public Policy Forum builds bridges among diverse participants in the policy-making process and gives them a platform to examine issues, offer new perspectives and feed fresh ideas into policy discussions.

We believe good policy is critical to making a better Canada—a country that’s cohesive, prosperous and secure. We contribute by:

  • Researching the issues that challenge Canadians today
  • Convening roundtables to foster frank and honest dialogue
  • Celebrating exceptional public policy and public service leaders who have contributed to public policy excellence across Canada and the world

PPF is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization and a registered charity. Our members include a broad base of private, public and non-profit organizations who share insight on policy challenges and developments.

Our approach is called Inclusion to Conclusion. Here’s why.

  • Inclusion: PPF includes a broad cross-section of participants in our discussions. We strive to engage the best emerging and established voices, and invite a combination of thinkers, deciders and doers to the policy conversations.
  • Conclusion: While policy discussions among diverse parties are good, an even greater good comes from identifying pathways forward and removing obstacles to success. PPF is an applied policy shop. Our reports inject implementable ideas and approaches into the policy-making process.

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The Values that Drive our Work


We dispense the best advice, without fear or favour. We are a non-partisan think tank with diverse sources of funding and an unremitting focus on the public interest.


We aim to include a range of publicly interested voices to create the necessary range of views that result in superior conclusions.


We work with, and build bridges among, different sectors and levels of government and include PPF Fellows, academic institutions and other think tanks in our policy discussions.


We aim to speak the truth, as we see it, in our engagements with external partners and in our internal discussions.


We are forthright and transparent. We publish our research findings and disclose the sponsors of individual research projects or policy events.


We strive to take fresh approaches in discussions, research projects and events and to look at issues from new angles. We’re committed to using innovative research designs and new technologies

 Our History

PPF was born out of the belief that dialogue between leaders in the private and public sectors leads to better policy. Established by Founding President and CEO Sheldon Ehrenworth in 1987, PPF created an independent space for these leaders to meet regularly to discuss governance and public policy. Since then, PPF’s membership has grown to include about 200 organizations from business, federal, provincial and territorial governments, academic institutions, unions, and non-profit organizations. We have recognized more than 150 extraordinary people who have contributed to public policy excellence here and abroad. And we continue to convene and foster the conversations that drive good policy for a better Canada.