Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


The Public Policy Forum’s approach is called Inclusion to Conclusion. Inclusion involves engaging diverse perspectives around our tables and within our ranks in order to arrive at the best policy conclusions.

In our early years, inclusion entailed gathering government, business, labour and civil society in the same room. Today, the proposition is far more ambitious. As much as possible, we aim to incorporate a broader cross-section of participants and contributors – reflecting factors such as identity and geography – in our research, convening and learning processes.

PPF recognizes the existence of systemic racism in Canada. We are firmly committed to Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and social justice for all communities. We subscribe to the 50-30 Challenge and seek to live our core belief that good policy makes for a better Canada.

We recognize there is more progress to be made and that good policy outcomes for everyone mark the ultimate measure of a successful society. As Canada’s think tank about tomorrow, we take our responsibility seriously to use our work to illuminate inclusive and diverse policy pathways.