Our Research

From Inclusion to Conclusion

We include a broad cross-section of emerging and established thinkers, deciders and doers in our policy conversations and research. We turn their insights and our inquiries into tangible ideas for action – identifying policy obstructions, illuminating pathways forward and offering fresh solutions to make Canada work better for Canadians.

What we research

PPF has six particular areas of concentration that allow us to build knowledge that can be applied across multiple sectors:

  • Economic ​and Social Determinants ​of Growth and Competitiveness​
  • Canada’s Evolving Energy and Climate Future​
  • Technological Adoption and Transition​
  • Indigenous Growth and Governance​
  • Healthy Democracy​ and Good Governance​
  • Canada’s Place ​in a Changing Geopolitical Order​

How we choose our projects

We determine our research agenda. Some arise from ongoing dialogue with our members and roundtable participants. Others are initiated by our own staff. All are pursued with public interest objectives.


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