Our Purpose

Public Policy Forum brings diverse stakeholders together at one table to inform leading edge, implementable policy ideas for a better Canada.  

Our Value Proposition

As the largest applied think tank in Canada, we bring leading experts and policymakers together to have real conversations and conduct cutting edge research around Canada’s most pressing policy issues. 

  • We produce actionable, inclusive, publicly-interested policy recommendations;
  • We convene stakeholders across Canada in practical conversations; and
  • We celebrate public policy leadership and learning.

Principles of Engagement 

  1. PPF is not engaged in advocacy, lobbying or related activities. We are an independent think tank.
  2. PPF holds the pen on framing policy challenges and leverages deep expertise across Canada to inform research, dialogue and events.
  3. PPF is a non-partisan “market maker,” interested in how better policy can create a better Canada.