Partner on a key policy issue

Position your organization as a leader in the public policy conversion. PPF is a leading voice in key policy areas, including: 

  • Healthcare resiliency and life sciences; 
  • Sustainable energy transition; 
  • Democracy and good governance; and  
  • The social and economic determinants of long-term inclusive growth. 

Partner on our high-impact policy initiatives and support PPF’s mission to create good policy for a better Canada.   

Specifically, as a partner you can expect to:  

  • Contribute to better policy in Canada and inform the development of actionable policy recommendations; 
  • Provide cutting-edge thought leadership and input on your sector’s work; 
  • Engage with Canada’s top senior policy leaders and thinkers from across sectors to discuss Canada’s most pressing policy issues; 
  • Receive leading brand recognition on all initiative outputs.