Join our network of policy leaders across Canada

The Public Policy Forum (PPF) brings diverse stakeholders together to inform leading-edge, implementable, policy choices for a better Canada. PPF is an applied policy think tank with over 200+ member organizations from across sectors in Canada, from coast-to-coast-to-coast. 

As PPF builds bridges among participants in the policy-making process, the organization gives members a platform to examine issues, offer new perspectives, and feed fresh ideas into policy discussions. 

By becoming a PPF Member, your organization will get:



Join Canada’s thinkers, doers and deciders and support good policy creation for a better Canada. 

Please provide us with some basic information about your organization and we’ll contact you with additional details. Please refer to the membership fee information below when choosing your category of membership. 

Public and private sector fees

Annual budget/revenue Fee*
$500M+ $20,000
$100M – $500M $13,000
$20M – $100M $7,500
Under $20M $4,100

Fee for associations, health/education institutions, embassies, labour organizations, municipalities, non-profits, and startups.

Annual budget/revenue Fee*
Over $5M $4,100
Under $5M $1,200

Engage in leading-edge policy dialogue

Engage in closed-door discussions with a curated group around the latest policy challenges. From intimate roundtable events to webinars to large-scale convenings, members can debate and engage in dialogue with key experts to inform actionable policy recommendations, deep policy analysis, research, and online content.

Get recognized as a champion of public policy

Feature your organization on the PPF website, social media channels, and at all signature events. Members can celebrate recent announcements and public policy leadership on these platforms, reaching 40k+ public policy professionals and leaders across the country.

Develop expertise on critical issues and gain exposure to innovative policy research

Engage your future policy and business leaders in professional development programming that enables them to put practical tools and approaches into practice. Through case studies and close conversation with experienced policy makers, participants will graduate with the leadership capacities, skills and approaches they need to succeed in complex policy development and leadership.

Receive curated policy news and analysis

Receive tailored analysis and cutting-edge commentary around the most pressing policy challenges facing Canadians. PPF Members have access to the latest policy news from PPF and our network of over 200+ organizations. Stay up to date on the latest policy events,reports, and podcast episodes relevant to your sector and organization!

Build lasting relationships within the public policy community

Discuss critical policy issues with Canadian thinkers, doers and deciders in business, government, academia, and civil society at PPF events. As a member, your organization will receive a preferential rate to all ticketed events where you will have an opportunity to build relationships across public and private lines with our wide network of leaders and research Fellows.

Celebrate public policy leadership in your organization

Nominate individuals from your organization for PPF’s annual awards, including the “Testimonial Award” a tribute to distinguished leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the quality of public policy and good governance. PPF has been celebrating exceptional public policy and public service leaders who have contributed to public policy excellence for the past 30 years. Each year, thousands of people from all sectors gather to pay tribute to these distinguished leaders.


For a complete list of member benefits or to become a PPF Member, contact the Membership Team at