Indigenous Advisory Council


The Public Policy Forum is deeply committed to advancing reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, as called for by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. In pursuing this goal, PPF is establishing an Indigenous Advisory Council to advise and assist PPF in its work.

The advisory council will play an important role in helping inform the direction of PPF’s current and future project work by:

  • Suggesting research priorities and approaches in policy areas;
  • Providing guidance on potential research partners, with a particular emphasis on potential partners from Indigenous communities;
  • Identifying participants for specific policy and convening processes; and
  • Helping to ensure PPF’s work is inclusive, impactful, and reflective of Indigenous values and knowledge.

This council’s role is advisory and PPF will treat this advice with seriousness and respect, reporting back to the advisory council on decisions it has taken.


The advisory council will comprise a maximum of twelve (12) Members, including a Chair or Co-Chairs. PPF’s CEO (or designate) will be an ex-officio member and 2-3 members of the PPF Board of Directors may also hold membership. All members will have equal voice in deliberations and decisions.

In selecting the membership of the advisory council, the Chair and PPF staff will be cognizant of diversity and will consider important aspects such as gender, geography and political affiliation.

Advisory council membership is voluntary (no remuneration will be provided). The viewpoints expressed by the members of the advisory council are solely representative of their own viewpoints and not those of their employers.

Role of the Chair (or Co-chairs)

The Chair (or Co-Chairs) will:

  • Act as the spokesperson for the advisory council;
  • Ensure the advisory council adheres to its mandate;
  • Ensure that all members are heard, engaged and respected in the work of the advisory council;
  • Ensure, where reasonably possible, the members are brought to consensus on issues where they may hold alternative views; and
  • In consultation with the members and with the support of a designate PPF staff representative, develop meeting agendas and lead commission discussions more broadly.

Meetings: Frequency / Time Commitment

Beginning in Winter 2022, the advisory council will meet formally twice per year. Meetings will be no more than two (2) hours in length and members will be provided with a detailed agenda one week in advance of each convening to assist with meeting preparations.

Informal meetings may take place throughout the year.

The chair of the council may from time to time be asked to present to the PPF Board of Directors or to partners in PPF Indigenous policy work.

PPF staff will assist the advisory council to prepare work plan and agendas to inform their deliberations. PPF staff will also assist with scheduling and administrative requirements.

Terms of Reference Review

The terms of reference are subject to an annual review, or as deemed appropriate by the CEO, Chair (Co-Chairs) and Council members.