In marking the fifth anniversary of PPF’s The Shattered Mirror report, the host of Policy Speaking and PPF’s President and CEO Edward Greenspon sits down with three of the principal researchers on The Shattered Mirror project, Colette Brin (Professor in the Department of Information and Communications at the Université Laval), Chris Dornan (former Director of both the School of Journalism and Communication and the Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs at Carleton University) and Elizabeth Dubois (Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa).

They discuss what’s changed in the past five years regarding the role of journalism in democracy, the various shifts in the media ecosystem and how policy can address challenges facing the news media industry. Brin, Dornan and Dubois also examine the relationship between technology companies, media, government and citizens, the prevalence of disinformation and the debate around the limitations of free speech. They conclude with reflections on innovations within the journalism sector and what Canada can learn from other nations.

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