About the Project

The Public Policy Forum is tapping into the best established and ascending policy brains in an effort to help policymakers weigh priorities and trade-offs and forge a rebuild plan. Regardless of what processes governments ultimately employ, we believe this PPF process will prove of assistance to decision-makers understandably occupied with myriad, complex issues in engineering the transition out of lock-down and the country’s economic recovery.

PPF’s Rebuild Canada initiative lays down a foundation of insights, ideas, options, and strategies for turning the COVID-19 pandemic into a catalyst for something greater than a return to the pre-cataclysm status quo. It begins with a series of papers, written by an array of leading policy thinkers, addressing key themes such as:

  1. the macro-economy, Canada’s Twin Deficits & How to Scale Them by David Dodge;
  2. the determinants of growth and competitiveness; read How COVID-19 has shifted businesses’ priorities as they focus on recovery by Georgina Black and Anthony Viel;
  3. geopolitical relations; Navigating Canada’s Post-Pandemic Foreign Policy, by Roland Paris;
  4. labour market and income security, such as this paper by Jennifer Robson, EI Failed so we Made CERB and by Jim Stanford:  Work after Covid

Online convening of a broader group of thinkers, doers and policymakers is also happening.  These discussions and debates will lead to a second round of more focused policy briefs, culminating in the Rebuild Canada Growth Summit October 19th to November 10th.  Tickets, featured speakers and more information available here.

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