Rebuild Canada Summary Report
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About the Project

The Public Policy Forum is tapping into the best established and ascending policy brains in an effort to help policymakers weigh priorities and trade-offs and forge a rebuild plan. PPF’s Rebuild Canada initiative lays down a foundation of insights, ideas, options, and strategies for turning the COVID-19 pandemic into a catalyst for something greater than a return to the pre-cataclysm status quo. It begins with a series of papers, written by an array of leading policy thinkers, addressing key themes such as:

  1. the macro-economy, Canada’s Twin Deficits & How to Scale Them by David Dodge;
  2. the determinants of growth and competitiveness; read How COVID-19 has shifted businesses’ priorities as they focus on recovery by Georgina Black and Anthony Viel;
  3. geopolitical relations; Navigating Canada’s Post-Pandemic Foreign Policy, by Roland Paris;
  4. labour market and income security, such as this paper by Jennifer Robson, EI Failed so we Made CERB and by Jim Stanford:  Work after Covid

Online convening of a broader group of thinkers, doers and policymakers resulted in a second round of more focused policy briefs, culminating in the Rebuild Canada Growth Summit. October 19th to November 19th.  The conversation on rebuilding the country continues and in the Rebuild Canada Summary Report, we’ve made it easy for you to access the scope of the 22 papers and roundtables.  We encourage you to read this summary report and dive back into papers you may wish to revisit.