Frank McKenna Award | Atlantic Canada

Our annual award for outstanding contributions to public policy by Atlantic Canadians is named in honour of Frank McKenna, one of the region’s most accomplished leaders. Since 2013, PPF has presented awards to distinguished Atlantic Canadians who have built bridges between sectors, contributed to public policy and shown exceptional leadership.


Frank McKenna Award | Atlantic Canada Past Honourees
Chief Terrance PaulAdrienne O'Pray
George CooperDoug House
Ray IvanyPeter Nicholson
Gerry PondChris Power
Aldéa LandryByron James
Cheryl RobertsonRobbie Shaw
 David Ganong
Hon. Myra FreemanPurdy Crawford
Tom Traves
Wade MacLauchlanHon. Margaret Norrie McCain
John RisleyHon. Darrell Dexter
Hon. Robert Ghiz
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