Peter Lougheed Award | Western Canada

The Peter Lougheed Awards for Leadership in Public Policy are presented at the PPF’s Western Dinner, which takes place annually in different cities across Western Canada. The award honours exceptional Western Canadians who, like longtime Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed did, contribute to public policy in their province, region and country.

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Peter Lougheed Award | Western Canada Past Honourees
Melissa BlakeChuck Strahl
Steve WilliamsBarbara Byers
Jim EldridgeLorrain Mitchelmore
Mary Ellen Turpel-LafondTamara Vrooman
Gail AsperLloyd Axworthy
Gary DoerPaul Moist
Justice Murray Sinclair
Oryssia Lennie Eric Newell 
Jim Dinning Allan Gregg
The Honourable Gordon BarnhartBonnie DuPont
George E. LafondHarold H. Mackay
Indira V. SamarasekeraJames S. Palmer  
Nancy SouthernDon Martin 
David EmersonMichael Harcourt
Edward JohnCarole Taylor
Peter Lougheed Award | Western Canada PAST EVENTS

2018 Western Dinner & Peter Lougheed Award

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