The innovation stars are out and shining over Canada as the Governor General’s Innovation Awards are handed out to six laureates and teams for 2018.

From finding a treatment for Ebola to planting the seeds of empathy, the 2018 laureates show the incredible range of innovation in Canada

Cover of Canada's Innovation Stars

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Dr. Kamran Khan: To fight global infectious diseases, he prescribes a dose of big data

First Nations Finance Authority (CEO Ernie Daniels): By fixing finance rules, First Nations can invest in themselves

Dr. Tom Chau: Bringing voice to the voiceless with technology

Mary Gordon: To grow a healthier society, she plants the seeds of empathy

Dr. Xiangguo Qiu & Dr. Gary Kobinger: Against all odds, they discovered a treatment for Ebola

MUN Research Team (Dr. Terry Young, Dr. Kathy Hodgkinson, Dr. Sean Connors and Dr. Daryl Pullman): How collaboration solved the deadly ‘Newfoundland Curse’