As the future of work continues to evolve, so too do the skills that Canadians will need to succeed.

The Public Policy Forum, the Diversity Institute, and the Future Skills Centre have joined together to publish Skills Next, a series that explores what is working in workplaces, universities, and the labour market – and where workers are falling through the gaps in our skills training system.

Read key takeaways in each report that will strengthen policymaking and build a strong foundation intended to help support further research by exploring the latest developments at home and around the world. Each report focuses on one issue – such as the impact of technology in the workplace, gig work, digital skills, and barriers to employment that some marginalized groups experience – and reviews the existing state of knowledge on this topic and identifies areas in need of additional research.


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On the Skills Next authors

Skills Next profiles a diverse set of authors who are engaged in the skills ecosystem through various roles, including through research, activism, and policymaking, have been carefully selected to provide a broad range of perspectives while also foregrounding the Canadian context. Their varied backgrounds, experiences, and expertise have shaped their individual perspectives, their analyses of the current skills ecosystem, and the reports they have authored. Our first set of Skills Next papers was released in January and February of 2020, followed six months later by our second set.

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Skills Next is funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Program.