The east coast of Canada is experiencing a moment. It is now widely recognized for its cluster of great universities and colleges, which provide springboards to prosperity in an information economy. During the early stages of the pandemic, the Atlantic bubble formed quickly, fueled by social cohesion that was the envy of the country. An explosion in innovation led by a new generation of entrepreneurs, combined with an existing economic base and enviable lifestyle, has supercharged opportunity. The urgent question: where to next?

The Atlantic Momentum Initiative is working to identify momentum factors and mobilize levers of change, including offering public policy recommendations that ensure a growing, productive labour force and a thriving knowledge economy. As well, we are monitoring metrics on the delivery of health care, access to housing, transportation and infrastructure to ensure inclusive growth. Our Atlantic Canada Momentum Index, published in 2023, is key to these efforts.

In the last year, the Atlantic Momentum Initiative has:

  • Convened panel discussions in Toronto and Fredericton
  • Hosted the Frank McKenna Dinner and Awards in Fredericton
  • Given a keynote address to the Halifax Chamber of Commerce
  • Hosted an invitation-only Atlantic-themed expert salon in Toronto
  • Driven debate at PPF’s Growth Summit
  • Briefed federal, provincial and municipal policymakers
  • Kick-started national conversations
  • Launched a weekly Atlantic Momentum newsletter (sign up here)
  • Published a new report on the opportunity of wind power, October 2023
  • Convened a discussion in Halifax to discuss next steps for the momentum index, October 2023


  • Publication of four reports on momentum factors, December 2023
Frank McKenna Fund
  • Arthur, Sandra and Sarah Irving
  • Joyce Family Foundation
  • Hon. Margaret McCain
  • Oceans Capital Investment Ltd.
  • Gerry Pond
  • Joseph Shannon
  • McInnes Cooper
  • TD Bank Group