In the first episode of PPF's new podcast, Edward Greenspon is joined by one of Canada's great economists David Dodge to help us wrap our heads around the reality of the current financial situation. From 9/11 to the 2008 financial crisis, Dodge compares COVID-19 to economic shocks of the past and helps us re-imagine what the other side of this crisis could look like.

Join PPF President, CEO & Policy Speaking host Edward Greenspon in conversation with one one of Canada’s great economists, David Dodge. 

David has all kinds of experience relevant to the situation we all find ourselves in today. He’s been a professor and a public servant most his life including serving as Deputy Minister of Finance to both Conservative and Liberal governments, Deputy Minister of Health when Canada set up its national microbiology laboratory in Winnipeg and Governor of the Bank of Canada for seven years.

David is currently a Senior Advisor at Bennett Jones LLP one of Canada’s leading law firms, where his counsel on all things economic is regularly sought.

In this episode, we seek his counsel as we try to make sense of a set of health and economic circumstances unprecedented in modern times.

Thank you for joining us David, it is a pleasure to have you on Policy Speaking!