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Ontario Digital Inclusion Summit – Summary Report

PPF hosted Ontario's first Digital Inclusion Summit back in February. Now, the summary report is available with key takeaways from the event that sparked a larger conversation on making the internet work for all.

Date: Tuesday May 29, 2018

Open(ing) Government

...and more responsive to their own citizens, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of governance, as well as the quality of services that citizens receive.” And yet, a...

Date: Monday September 18, 2017

Daniel Pujdak

...on advancing reconciliation through inclusive policy and regulatory regimes. His policy work has focused on self-determination, governance, northern affairs, fisheries, and natural resources. Dan holds a masters degree in marine...

Date: Tuesday January 30, 2018

Jane Hooker

...looking at fresh ideas to shape the future of Canada’s relationship with China. She also led PPF’s research into governance for learning and training for the federal public service, and...

Date: Saturday May 12, 2018

How Canada can create a culture of innovation

...basic makeup of our country.” Kent Aitken is the Prime Ministers of Canada Fellow at Canada’s Public Policy Forum, studying governance in the digital era. He also blogs at Canadian...

Date: Thursday October 20, 2016

Automation, AI and Anxiety: Policy Preferred, Populism Possible

Who is fearful of automation and what do they want politicians to do about it? This paper finds a correlation between Canadians’ fear of job losses from automation and populist and nativist views—but also that Canadians favour traditional government policy approaches to job disruption, such as retraining, more than radical measures such as reducing immigration.

Date: Thursday July 11, 2019

September 16, 2013: Strengthening Civic Collaboration roundtable summary report

...generational and economic challenges, youth civic engagement is an issue of paramount importance to our democracy and to continued good governance in Canada. In Spring 2013, with the support of...

Date: Monday September 16, 2013

Canada Growth Summit: The key recommendations

...projects by strengthening analytics, governance and capacity. • Take a balanced approach to minimize economic risks in the clean energy transition. Harnessing the Potential of Diverse Talent KEY RECOMMENDATIONS• Attract...

Date: Wednesday December 7, 2016

For inclusive policy, we need inclusive policymaking

...for investment, productivity, training and education. Kent Aitken is the 2016–2017 Prime Ministers of Canada Fellow at Canada’s Public Policy Forum, studying and advising on governance in the digital age....

Date: Wednesday March 1, 2017

Work in Progress – Task Force 2 Final Report

How do we prepare Canada’s workforce to lead in the global clean energy sector?

Date: Thursday March 8, 2018

Announcing PPF’s 2019 Prime Ministers of Canada Fellow

PPF’s 2019 Prime Ministers of Canada Fellow Sean Speer to study urban-rural divide.

Date: Thursday August 8, 2019

Kim Thomassin

...involves managing the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ)’s legal and regulatory activities, including the implementation of legal and governance structures for all investment transactions. In addition, her...

Date: Friday November 10, 2017

Keeping Up With the Speed of Disruption – Presentations

...Director of the Governance of AI Program, joint with the Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford Who’s Disrupting – Hieu Vu, Director at Health Canada – Getting Started with...

Date: Friday April 27, 2018

Kory Wilson

Kory Wilson, BSc. JD, is the Executive Director of Indigenous Initiatives and Partnerships for British Columbia Institute of Technology. She is Kwakwaka’wakw. Kory is Chair of the National Indigenous Education Committee of Colleges and Institutions Canada and she has over 20 years of experience in post-secondary education, community development, and the legal profession. PPF is proud to welcome her as a Fellow.

Date: Tuesday June 11, 2019

Who’s threatening democracy? Tyrants, technology – and us

Are we amusing ourselves to death while darker forces of disinformation undermine our democracy? By Edward Greenspon

Date: Tuesday May 1, 2018

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