In the spring of 2013, Canada’s Public Policy Forum and Elections Northwest Territories co-convened the Territorial Dialogue on Youth Civic Engagement. This  day-long roundtable session in Yellowknife involved youth leaders from the NWT, policy advisors from the Government of the Northwest Territories, educational leaders, and senior managers from Elections Northwest Territories.

The roundtable, and a subsequent series of interviews, focused on the challenges related to youth civic engagement in the Northwest Territories. Three specific areas for discussion included:

  • How established democratic institutions should grow and adapt to the changing realities of civic engagement;
  • How to create enhanced engagement for those who are hard to reach or have minimal attachment to existing democratic institutions; and,
  • Key mechanisms and leadership actions necessary to improve voter registration for young electors

To coincide with Canada’s Democracy Week 2013, we are pleased to release the final report from this initiative. It presents the key recommendations, as put forward by youth and leaders across sectors in the Northwest Territories, for addressing these challenges.

Download the report

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