New PPF report calls for caps on political donations to third parties

Date: Wednesday March 14, 2018

For immediate release

New PPF report calls for caps on political donations to third parties

OTTAWA, March 14, 2018

The Public Policy Forum is releasing a new report today calling on Parliament to amend the Canada Elections Act to level the playing field between third parties and officially registered parties. This would remove the preferential treatment of third parties by subjecting them to the same level of regulation. Transparent and Level: Modernizing Political Financing in Canada recommends only eligible voters be allowed to donate to the electoral system, and that contributions to third parties be capped at the same $1,575, as for actual contestants. It also calls for election spending limits to kick in six months prior to elections, as in Ontario, to account for advertising blitzes on the eve of fixed election dates, and that transparency of third party activities be enhanced, including disclosure within 24 hours of the purchase and targeting of digital ads.

“Threats to electoral integrity are continuously evolving,” says Edward Greenspon, President and CEO of PPF. “The Canadian government needs to keep pace. If we’re not careful, Canada will develop U.S. style PACs and SuperPACs and untraceable digital political ads.”

The report follows a roundtable discussion on political financing on October 11, 2017 in Montreal.

Both Edward Greenspon and report co-author Lori Turnbull will be available for interviews on March 14 to discuss the report.


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