2019-02-19 13:45:00 2019-02-19 16:30:00 America/Los_Angeles Building Digital Resilience Workshop Boardroom at the Public Policy Forum,1400-130 Albert St. Ottawa

Tuesday February 19, 2019
1:45 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Boardroom at the Public Policy Forum
1400-130 Albert St. Ottawa

Seyi Akiwowo, Founder and Executive Director of Glitch, is offering a two and a half hour-long workshop on digital resilience at PPF. She'll cover digital rights, self-defence and self-care.
About the Event

Seyi Akiwowo, Founder and Executive Director of Glitch, is offering a workshop on how to build digital resilience. Hosted at PPF, the two and a half hour-long session will cover three components of digital resilience:

  • Knowing Your Digital Rights

Users need to know their rights on each platform and the best ways to enact them. She’ll tell participants how to contact support and what to do beyond logging a complaint on Twitter if the harassment continues.

  • Digital Self-Defence

Users can protect themselves upfront which is the best way to ward off the worst. Stats show that women are 27 times more likely to be harassed online, making it all the more important for women in the public sphere to be prepared.

  • Digital Self-Care

Participants will learn how to set and stick to personal digital boundaries to allow for a flourishing online presence centred around self-care and wellbeing.


This initiative is intended to be an interactive and solutions-focused session where participants will take home practical tools and ideas following the roundtable event in the morning.

The Digital Resilience workshop is tailored to women either in or thinking about stepping into leadership, public appointments, all forms of public life and activism, who wish to have an online presence that will be a positive force to help them achieve their goals.

Based in the U.K., Glitch is growing not-for-profit advocacy, campaigning and training organisation aims to end online abuse.

Seyi Akiwowo