Telfer and PPF have joined forces and leveraged our individual strengths to enhance your understanding of current and emerging policy challenges while developing the leadership skills needed to be effective in an increasingly complex government system.
About the Program

Offered jointly by PPF Academy and Telfer School of Management.

The Public Policy Leadership Program (PPLP) helps policy professionals expand their capacity to navigate the complexities of government policy development and provide breakthrough policy responses using team leadership, engagement and collaboration. This one-of-a-kind program addresses an identified gap in learning opportunities for the policy community with a unique cross-disciplinary approach that integrates personal leadership development with an advanced and applied exploration of domestic and global policy issues. Invited public policy leaders, PPF staff and Fellows and Telfer faculty will bridge theory and practice, providing practical options to follow in advancing current challenges.

Throughout the program you will have opportunities to collaborate and share learnings and challenges with other participants. As a result, graduates of this program form a strong network of policy leaders that can address the complex issues facing modern governments.

We encourage you to download the prospectus for full program details below. 


Public policy professionals in supervisory or management roles (EX minus 1 & EX-1 or equivalent) who are mid-career and looking to grow and refine your leadership skills to step up to the next level of your career path. You are intending to deepen your understanding of how to lead groups and teams in a complex public policy environment, while navigating the policy development process.

We welcome participants from all levels of government: federal, provincial and municipal.

The Public Policy Leadership Program is designed to specifically address the needs and questions of current and emerging public policy leaders. Our team is focused on working with you to explore following themes:

  • Policy Futures: Taking a strategic look at emergent policy issues in the ever-changing context of government goals, advancements in technology, communications and engagement with the public.
  • Crafting Policy in the Face of Complexity: Navigating different types of policy development, and developing judgment and resilience.
  • Stakeholder Relationships: Knowing when, how and why to engage stakeholders, and exploring the spectrum of engagement possibilities — from consultation to collaboration — and effective leadership in the context of complex, multi-stakeholder environments.
  • Personal Leadership Effectiveness: Identifying strengths and improving skills central to policy leadership, including communication, working with Ministers and their teams, and advancing the policy agenda through effective coordination of departmental, interdepartmental and cross-functional teams.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Developing a stronger understanding of who you are as a leader, your leadership styles and strengths, and engaging in a process of self-reflection and personal growth.

The program is a hybrid of in-person and virtual modules, with the in-person sessions accessible online if needed.

  • Orientation: April 19 (virtual)
  • Module 1: May 2 and 3 (in person in Ottawa)
  • Module 2: May 10, 11, 16 and 17 (virtual, half days)
  • Module 3: June 8 and 9 (in person in Ottawa)
  • Module 4: June 15, 16, 21 and 22 (virtual, half days)

For additional details visit Telfer School of Management.


It is a privilege to be part of this program. I really enjoyed the presentations/speeches of the guest speakers and the group discussions. I particularly appreciate the organization of the bright spot field visit. It simulated more thoughtful considerations when developing complex social policies. I would strongly recommend this program to individuals who are inspired to become an influential public policy leader.

Eliza (Quan) Wu Canada Border Services Agency
What time commitment is required to participate in the program?
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How is the program designed? Will there be experiential learning opportunities offered?