Sunil Johal


Sunil Johal is a policy expert with a track record of executive-level experience addressing challenging issues. In his current role he is the Vice President, Public Policy at the CSA Group where he is responsible for building and leading a new team to tackle challenging policy issues in collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders. He is also the David and Ann Wilson Professor in Public Policy and Society at Victoria College, University of Toronto. In March 2022, he was named to an expert panel advising the Ontario government on the development and implementation of a portable benefits scheme for non-standard workers.

In 2021, Sunil led the medium-term planning and transition activities for Employment and Social Development Canada in an Assistant Deputy Minister-level role. Sunil was Policy Director at the University of Toronto’s Mowat Centre from 2012 to 2019, where he led the Centre’s research activities and established himself as a thought leader on issues such as the future of work and the implications of disruptive technologies. In 2019 he was named Chair of the Expert Panel on Modern Labour Standards by the federal Minister of Labour.

Sunil has held senior executive and policy roles at all levels of government. He is frequently invited to speak at conferences in Canada and abroad. He has contributed expert commentary and advice to a range of organizations and media outlets, including the G-20, World Economic Forum, Brookings Institution, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, the CBC, The Washington Post, The Guardian and the OECD.