Arash Golshan

Policy Associate

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Arash Golshan is a chemical engineer with a deep passion for public policy. His research interest is in the social and environmental implications of engineering projects, including energy transition, energy poverty, and climate justice. He is fascinated with combining engineering principles with the findings of a sustainable society to develop socially beneficial and technologically oriented policy solutions, particularly in the realm of energy policy-making.

Arash holds an engineering degree from Tehran Polytechnic. As a chemical engineer from a prominent oil and gas exporter country (i.e., Iran), Arash developed a rich understanding of the petroleum industry and the issues associated with it. He is also educated in the interface of engineering practices and social/environmental well-being by acquiring a master’s degree in Engineering and Public Policy from McMaster University.

Arash joins PPF with experience in water management and hydroelectricity consulting, in addition to municipal climate change action planning and research. He keenly looks forward to contributing to PFF research and projects with all his passion, experience, and capabilities.

Arash joined PPF in 2022.