Navigating Policy in an Era of Disruption

Back by popular demand, the Public Policy Forum’s professional development learning program Navigating Policy in an Era of Disruption will be offered for a third time.

aPolitical has recognized PPF and this program as one of 100+ teams teaching government the skills of the future.

Who should attend

The series is for executives, policy directors, and practice leads in the Government of Canada and in other sectors who seek a better understanding of fundamental changes in policy-making driven by the emergence of new technologies.

You are intending to deepen your understanding of these technologies and how to lead change in a complex public policy environment while navigating the policy development process.

We welcome participants from all levels of government: federal, provincial and municipal.

This series of learning modules, designed for current and prospective government executives in consultation with the Digital Academy, provides a deep dive into a selection of emerging technologies, likely areas of disruption and impact, and an exploration of how governments around the world are reacting – or not – to a quickly shifting technological landscape.

In addition to providing you with a basic understanding of the technological innovation that leads to rapid change and real-life examples of its application, we will provide you with practical tools and interactive exercises to think through the opportunities and risks for your organization.

Together with our experts and policy thinkers, we’ll explore the common policy threads of information security, privacy, ethics, regulatory implications and sustainability.

What to expect

  • Learning from experienced subject matter experts and policy leaders
  • Discussion and critical thinking about emerging technologies, the challenges for governments in leveraging, regulating, or predicting impacts
  • Facilitated small working groups
  • Building leadership capacity for understanding and navigating emerging trends and pressures
  • Creating a core group of ambassadors for change

Participants have heard from amazing speakers during the course of the first two offerings including:

  • Allan Dafoe, Director of the Governance of AI Program, at the Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford
  • Steffen Christensen, Senior Policy Researcher, Policy Horizons
  • Marc Saner, Chair of the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics, University of Ottawa
  • Rees Kassen, Department of Biology, University of Ottawa
  • Rob Annan, PPF Fellow and Vice-President, Public Affairs and Communications, Genome Canada
  • Christina Lomazzo, Consultant & Blockchain Leader, Deloitte
  • Erin Kelly, CEO of Advanced Symbolics Inc.
  • Eric Swedersky, Senior Vice President, Delivery and Public Sector, SecureKey


Session I: The New Biology 

  • This session will explore the technologies that are changing the way we interact with biological information and biological systems.

Session II: The New Intelligence

  • This session will explore the technologies and applications arising from artificial intelligence and the big data movement.

Session III: The New Community

  • This session will explore networks, including blockchain technology, and the many ways they are (and soon will be) connecting people and communities.

Session IV: The New Data

  • This session will explore the wide world of data: how it can be collected, interpreted and put to use.


$ 2,250 (+HST) per person for PPF members for all sessions and enhanced leadership programming

$ 2,950 (+HST) per person for non-members for all sessions and enhanced leadership programming

$400 (+HST) per person for PPF members for each individual session

$600 (+HST) per person for non-members for each individual session

$250 (+HST) per person for non-profits for each individual session


Contact: Jonathan Perron-Clow

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