Addressing Canada’s weaknesses and capitalizing on its strengths

While slow economic growth is a global phenomenon, the PPF’s Growth Summit on October 12, 2016, reinforced the fact that Canada is not without options. The following key recommendations were raised to set the conditions for long-term inclusive growth in Canada, outlining what it must do to ensure a prosperous future.

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Setting the Stage for Global Competitiveness

• Boost productivity by increasing competition through trade agreements.
• Increase growth opportunities by rethinking regulations on foreign investment.
• Promote Canada’s national brand to attract capital and increase trade.

Cultivating a Robust Innovation Ecosystem

• Scale businesses by ensuring access to funding throughout all stages of development.
• Support high-potential areas through selective programs and enabling mechanisms.
• Maximize public procurement as a tool for catalyzing and supporting innovation.
• Remain competitive by investing in better ways to deliver customer value.
• Invest in building clusters to enhance collaboration across sectors.

Embracing the Long View on Infrastructure

• Create a national infrastructure bank to improve coordination and attract capital.
• Ensure successful projects by strengthening analytics, governance and capacity. 
• Take a balanced approach to minimize economic risks in the clean energy transition.

Harnessing the Potential of Diverse Talent

• Attract and retain skilled talent by creating a more responsive immigration system. 
• Expand the contributions of Indigenous peoples through education and partnerships.
• Build a competitive workforce by adopting a broader view of skills development.

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