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Prime Ministers of Canada Fellowship

The Prime Ministers of Canada Fellowship was established in 2012 to mark the Public Policy Forum’s 25th anniversary, when all living former Prime Ministers were honoured at the Testimonial Dinner and Awards in Toronto. The Fellowship brings prominent Canadian leaders to PPF for a year to conduct research and convene dialogues about public policy, democratic institutions and good governance.

Date: Wednesday October 18, 2017

PPF’s Emerging Leader Award recognizes Indigenous advocate Caitlin Tolley

Filled with a burning desire to create positive change for her community, Caitlin Tolley has used her voice at home and on the global stage as an advocate for Indigenous people. On April 12, the Public Policy Forum will recognize her work with the Emerging Leader Award at its Annual Testimonial Dinner & Awards in Toronto.

Date: Wednesday February 7, 2018

PPF to honour Indigenous journalist Karyn Pugliese with 2019 Hyman Solomon Award

Karyn Pugliese of APTN will be honoured with the Hyman Solomon Award for Public Policy Journalism at PPF’s 2019 Testimonial Dinner and Awards on April 11 in Toronto.

Date: Thursday February 28, 2019

Atlantic Newsletter #2: What we can learn from refugees’ success in Atlantic Canada

In this second edition of our Atlantic Immigration & Revitalization Newsletter, PPF research associate Kelly Toughill talks to leaders and refugees across Atlantic Canada to understand what we can learn from their higher retention rates and overall success

Date: Monday March 4, 2019

Peter Lougheed Award | Western Canada

The Peter Lougheed Awards for Leadership in Public Policy are presented at the PPF’s Western Dinner, which takes place annually in different cities across Western Canada. The award honours exceptional Western...

Date: Wednesday October 18, 2017

Frank McKenna Award | Atlantic Canada

Our annual award for outstanding contributions to public policy by Atlantic Canadians is named in honour of Frank McKenna, one of the region’s most accomplished leaders. Since 2013, PPF...

Date: Wednesday October 18, 2017

Emerging Leaders Award | National

In 2005, the Public Policy Forum established an annual award for emerging leaders to recognize the contributions of young Canadians who personify leadership in the area of public...

Date: Wednesday October 18, 2017

Our Honourees: Celebrating 150 Years of Canadians at Home and Abroad

...accomplishments, their hopes — and who likes grilled cheese sandwiches. Each year at the Public Policy Forum’s Testimonial Dinner in Toronto, more than a thousand leaders from all sectors of...

Date: Monday April 17, 2017

Brave New Work Newsletter #2

In this second newsletter: New report on big gaps in Employment Insurance, emerging leaders share principles for inclusion that we should all follow, and we learn how disrupting the career ladder creates challenges to gender equity.

Date: Monday May 6, 2019

Governance in the digital age

...on open and digital government with industry, academia, government and civil society, and a session on digital adoption among Canadian businesses as part of the PPF’s annual Testimonial Dinner. And...

Date: Tuesday May 23, 2017

PPF names Karen Restoule as its 2018 Prime Ministers of Canada Fellow

...September 2016 and has supported a number of PPF projects, including Your Energy Future. About the fellowship: Announced in 2012 at PPF’s 25th Testimonial Dinner, the Prime Ministers of Canada Fellowship brings prominent Canadian leaders...

Date: Tuesday January 16, 2018

June 28, 2013: The Canadian Way? The Role of Labour in Canada’s Prosperity

...innovation and productivity. Over a dinner in Toronto, senior leaders from the labour sector, government, academia and the private sector discussed the role which labour can and should play in...

Date: Friday June 28, 2013

Mill town’s struggle reveals rural areas’ unique immigration challenges

A small influx of foreign workers has sparked sharp reactions in Chipman, New Brunswick. Many see the newcomers as potential saviours of a town headed toward extinction. Others see them as competitors for local jobs. In between, a handful of immigrant families are trying to figure out how to feel at home. The challenges of immigration in small communities are different than in cities, both for newcomers and for local residents. Solving them may be key to the future prosperity of rural Atlantic Canada.

Date: Thursday June 6, 2019

Project Evaluation Executive Summary (January – March, 2018)

...sold for the follow-up dinner and award ceremony. The majority of interviewees said the information at the conference and in the reports was presented well, that they will reference the...

Date: Thursday July 19, 2018

Who’s threatening democracy? Tyrants, technology – and us

Are we amusing ourselves to death while darker forces of disinformation undermine our democracy? By Edward Greenspon

Date: Tuesday May 1, 2018

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