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What the Saskatchewan Roughriders Can Teach Canadian Journalism

Many different approaches to support journalism, locally and beyond, have emerged in recent years in the wake of the sharp decline of traditional industry players. Public policy will play a crucial role in shaping the rules for ownership innovation and protected space for Canadian journalism.

Date: Tuesday September 25, 2018

Democracy Divided: Countering Disinformation and Hate in the Digital Public Sphere

Democracy has been made vulnerable to attack by hate speech and disinformation on digital and social platforms. Policy must be implemented to reconcile freedom of speech and freedom of the press with these online news threats to democracy.

Date: Wednesday August 15, 2018

For inclusive policy, we need inclusive policymaking

...jurisdictions worldwide now conduct participatory budgeting: giving the public control over some portion of public funds. When citizens deliberate, hear diverse viewpoints and consider trade-offs and compromises, more inclusive and...

Date: Wednesday March 1, 2017

Getting ahead of disruption is key to our future: An introduction to Canada Next

Decision makers in all fields face intense challenges to keep up with geopolitical transformation, the sweeping innovations of the digital age, the impacts on work sparked by artificial intelligence, and the catastrophic effects of climate change. Edward Greenspon and Drew Fagan introduce the challenges that Canada Next addresses.

Date: Monday January 7, 2019

PANEL 1 — Canada’s unique chance for growth: Attract return-hungry global investors to badly needed…

...said, was to improve exposure to trade. Another way was to boost inward investment flows. “Can we attract foreign capital to come in, not so much to buy our existing...

Date: Monday October 17, 2016

Change Inc. Toolkit: Cultivating Young Social Entrepreneurs

...Development and Trade), Canada’s Public Policy Forum and TakingITGlobal (TIG) launched Change Inc.: Cultivating Young Social Entrepreneurs in September 2011 to strengthen social entrepreneurship among youth aged 16 to 25 years of age. The...

Date: Friday May 11, 2012

A House Undivided: Highlights and recommendations

...debates, needs to be determined. Decisions and trade-offs are necessary. Authority must rest somewhere. · We recommend that the key passage from the Senate rules that favour party affiliation be...

Date: Thursday September 22, 2016

Fix the Grid: How Canada Can Integrate Its Electricity Systems for a Clean, Prosperous Future

While some provinces feast on clean power and export excess to the U.S., others face famine. A Canada Clean Power Fund could knit together a national grid to create a competitive advantage in the low-carbon future.

Date: Friday January 18, 2019

Drew Fagan

...Assistant Deputy Minister for strategic policy and planning at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (now Global Affairs Canada). Before his public service career, Drew worked at The...

Date: Friday January 12, 2018

Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and Precision Medicine

As researchers and business leaders move quickly to explore and exploit an ever-growing field of artificial intelligence opportunities, policy-makers – recognizing AI’s far-reaching implications - seek frameworks to assess and regulate them. These reports examine issues and suggest frameworks for AI’s impact on transportation of people and goods, and on how we predict, identify and treat disease.

Date: Monday December 10, 2018

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