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We need a China strategy, so let’s get it right

In this Globe and Mail op-ed, our Forum on China co-chairs argue that with rules-based trade down South on the fritz, it really is time to look elsewhere and that includes China.

Date: Monday June 18, 2018

Jan. 20, 2014: Canada’s Evolving Internal Market: An agenda for a more cohesive economic union These obstacles are estimated to cost the Canadian economy billions of dollars, reducing our country’s productivity, innovation capacity and competitiveness. Last spring, the Internal Trade Secretariat (ITSC), in collaboration...

Date: Monday January 20, 2014

A Mouse Sleeping Next to a Dragon: New Twitches and Grunts

...also using financial and monetary measures, as well as polices related to energy and commodities and trade.[7] As noted above, one of the trade strategies China uses is forced technology...

Date: Tuesday December 19, 2017

CBC: Canada can avoid offending U.S. by pursuing sectoral trade with China: report

Andy Blatchford writes that the authors of the PPF report "Diversification Not Dependence: A Made-in-Canada Strategy" argue that Canada can do more business with China 'in such a way that should not offend' the U.S. through a a surgical, sector-by-sector approach.

Date: Wednesday October 10, 2018


...CEO of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, in a speech earlier this year to the Toronto Region Board of Trade. Canada can boast many internationally respected companies...

Date: Tuesday October 11, 2016

Canada’s Airports: Advancing our Prosperity and Trade Agenda

As a geographically large nation where one in five jobs are related to exports, the Canadian economy depends upon the safe and efficient movement of merchandise and people,...

Date: Wednesday January 28, 2015

DOMINIC BARTON | Canada has a historic opportunity to thrive, but faces hard choices

...Barton raised the topic, saying it was something the country will have to deal with. Another possible area is free trade. Anti-trade sentiment has been rising, to the point where...

Date: Thursday October 13, 2016

THEMES & THOUGHTS | Keys to success in a slow-growing, fast-changing world

...this tone properly. There was a thoughtful discussion about inclusive growth and that the worst aspects of global trade, the demographic shift and the digital impact need to mitigated for...

Date: Thursday October 13, 2016

Transformational Gains

Global events are creating unprecedented opportunities for Canada to attract capital, talent and companies. In an age of disruptive technological advances, Canada must focus on research, talent and innovation to strengthen its innovative capacity, global competitiveness, and economic and social fabric.  

Date: Tuesday February 5, 2019

TOP TAKEAWAYS | The day in 5 minutes

...Bernie Sanders and Brexit, and the rise of anti-trade attitudes in the West have demonstrated the importance of inclusive growth, or ensuring that all groups in society experience a rising...

Date: Thursday October 13, 2016

Canada as an Agri-Food Powerhouse

...and implementing core recommendations (on innovation, infrastructure development, broadening trade agreements in Asia, immigration and a FutureSkills Lab). Using the Advisory Council’s report as a starting point for discussion, the...

Date: Thursday April 20, 2017

Canada’s China puzzle: We need a national discussion

...negotiate trade deals. It is not a democracy. It does not treat human rights as we do. It engages in extra-territoriality, whether in the South China Sea or cyberspace. Its state-owned...

Date: Thursday June 29, 2017

Jane Hooker

and regional trade negotiations, including the Hong Kong-New Zealand and Korea-New Zealand free trade agreements and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). At the management level, she led a high-performing...

Date: Saturday May 12, 2018

Canada’s economic future depends on critical choices in the face of disruption

...from government; Fragmented decline, featuring an erosion of liberalized trade and the stalling of technological advances; and Open growth, characterized by an increase in global trade, a robust middle class...

Date: Tuesday April 25, 2017

Diane Gray

Ms. Diane Gray is the founding President and CEO of CentrePort Canada Inc. CentrePort is Canada’s first tri-modal inland port and Foreign Trade Zone and encompasses 20,000 acres in the...

Date: Friday November 10, 2017

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