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Migrants find jobs, prosperity — if they stay in region

Immigrants who stay in Atlantic Canada have higher employment levels, higher wages and face less discrimination than immigrants to other parts of Canada, yet the region struggles to attract newcomers and has the lowest retention rates in Canada.

Date: Wednesday May 2, 2018

Canada’s Associations See What’s Trending in the Future of Work

From new ways of approaching lifelong learning to recognizing that technology is not the only driver of workplace change, representatives of Canadian associations shared their perspectives on the changing nature of work and how workers and employers are affected.

Date: Monday April 1, 2019

Project Evaluation Executive Summary (January – March, 2018) meet and converse with new people on the topic of immigration. A shared request was for more members of the private sector to be included in future conferences, and...

Date: Thursday July 19, 2018

THEMES & THOUGHTS | Keys to success in a slow-growing, fast-changing world

At the Canada Growth Summit, business and government leaders identify innovation, investment, infrastructure, immigration — and inclusion—as keys to success. Tom Jenkins sets up the day and later summarizes it...

Date: Thursday October 13, 2016

Canada as an Agri-Food Powerhouse

...and implementing core recommendations (on innovation, infrastructure development, broadening trade agreements in Asia, immigration and a FutureSkills Lab). Using the Advisory Council’s report as a starting point for discussion, the...

Date: Thursday April 20, 2017

Marta Morgan

Marta Morgan is Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and previously served as Deputy Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. Before her appointment, she was Assistant Deputy Minister, Industry Sector, and...

Date: Friday November 10, 2017

PPF Names Award for Frank McKenna

.... The day-long Summit, which Mr. McKenna will attend, is the first public event of the PPF’s new three-year research project on immigration and retention in Atlantic Canada. Mr. McKenna will speak at the awards dinner in the evening.    ...

Date: Friday November 24, 2017

Canada-China meeting: National Security and Human Rights

...students today; international students amount to about a $3 billion benefit for Canada. Many of the students want to stay in Canada, so it is also important for our immigration...

Date: Tuesday December 19, 2017

Video: Watch all the panels and speakers at Growth Summit II

...Nenshi, Mayor, City of Calgary Tamara Vrooman, President & CEO, Vancity Population and Prosperity Panel Featuring moderator Marta Morgan, Deputy Minister Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and the following panelists:...

Date: Friday April 28, 2017

Growth Summit II: Five Takeaways

...1. Immigration It’s clear — Canada needs immigrants badly if it’s truly to grow its economy. Low-skilled temporary foreign workers are needed desperately in the agri-food sector as it attempts...

Date: Sunday April 23, 2017

Canada strives to position itself as an agri-food powerhouse

...increase in workforce participation and a boost in immigration — in particular, the low-skilled temporary foreign workers who will take the jobs at agri-food outfits like abbatoirs and mushroom farms...

Date: Tuesday April 25, 2017

Our Honourees: Celebrating 150 Years of Canadians at Home and Abroad

...manifested itself in our immigration policy throughout our history is something that helps define us as Canadians. Q: The Habs, the Leafs or the Sens — or none of the...

Date: Monday April 17, 2017

Event Recap: PPF Atlantic Dinner & Frank McKenna Awards

“It’s enormously humbling to have an award like this named after me,” said Frank McKenna. “Usually, they wait ’til you’re dead, and I guess PPF got tired of waiting.”

Date: Thursday March 29, 2018

The Values Proposition: Building a Stronger Canada through Values-Based Sport

This report summarizes what we heard during five roundtables held through spring 2018 and which explored actions and policies aimed at ensuring values-based sport is an intentional and fundamental part of the Canadian sport system, from playground to podium.

Date: Wednesday August 8, 2018

Canada Growth Summit: The key recommendations

...and retain skilled talent by creating a more responsive immigration system. • Expand the contributions of Indigenous peoples through education and partnerships.• Build a competitive workforce by adopting a broader...

Date: Wednesday December 7, 2016

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