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Independent and Accountable: Modernizing the Role of Agents of Parliament and Legislatures

In this report, the Public Policy Forum (PPF) analyzes the current and evolving role of agents at the federal and provincial levels to provide recommendations on how oversight and guidance in the administration of policies can be improved while maintaining their autonomy within Canada’s Westminster system.

Date: Thursday April 26, 2018

Democracy Divided: Countering Disinformation and Hate in the Digital Public Sphere

Democracy has been made vulnerable to attack by hate speech and disinformation on digital and social platforms. Policy must be implemented to reconcile freedom of speech and freedom of the press with these online news threats to democracy.

Date: Wednesday August 15, 2018

Options for a Canada-China FTA Negotiation Strategy

...preparing this note on negotiating issues are: Global Affairs Canada, 2012. Canada-China Economic Complementarities Study available at Kerry Sun, 2015. “China-Australia Free Trade Agreement: Implications for Canada”, China Institute,...

Date: Tuesday June 20, 2017

A House Undivided: Making Senate Independence Work

...condition could we have advanced a step,” Upper Canada’s George Brown said of the regionally based and appointed Senate that emerged. Equality of representation of the regions of Canada (the...

Date: Thursday September 22, 2016

The Promise and Pitfalls of the Internet of Things in Canada Canada for 2013 at approximately $57 billion — but suggested that Canada’s firms were only capturing approximately half of that. In their view, Canada is leaving $27 billion “on...

Date: Friday December 16, 2016

The Canada-China Relationship

China invests in Canada, Canadian sovereignty is put at risk” while 47% say “Chinese investment is good for Canada’s economy and the risks are minimal”.   The Canada-China relationship By...

Date: Saturday December 9, 2017

Can refugees help save PEI’s way of life?

Some employers and advocates want Canada to recruit refugees to fill local labour shortages, Kelly Toughill reports. Others worry that would dilute the humanitarian mission of resettling the world’s most vulnerable citizens.

Date: Monday March 4, 2019

Toward ‘eyes-open’ engagement with China

Members of the Public Policy Forum’s Canada-China forum seek a balanced approach to engagement with China that is economically beneficial and politically acceptable to Canadians

Date: Tuesday June 20, 2017

Keeping international students in Atlantic Canada: EduNova’s big experiment

Why don’t a quality education, strong language skills and an open work permit guarantee success in Atlantic Canada? Fewer international graduates stay in this region after graduation than any other. Students and their advocates tell KELLY TOUGHILL what can be done to counter the trend.

Date: Monday April 15, 2019

A Mouse Sleeping Next to a Dragon: New Twitches and Grunts Canada. First, the Chinese government and linked individuals have been known to intimidate individuals and (particularly expat) communities in Canada. There have been allegations that the Chinese government has...

Date: Tuesday December 19, 2017

Toward ‘eyes-open’ engagement with China

...with the Canada-Europe and Canada-U.S. relationships. The Consultative Forum on China will deal both with a breadth of issues and their intersection points. The underlying concept of this initiative is...

Date: Tuesday June 20, 2017

Securing Canada’s cyberspace

of the issue: In 2011, Finance Canada, Treasury Board Secretariat and Defence Research and Development Canada — organizations central to the federal government’s economic, organizational and defence operations — were...

Date: Monday February 6, 2017

PPF and Action Canada introduce the 2018-2019 Fellows

Canada Fellow and Chair of Action Canada’s Board of Directors. “This year’s cohort of Action Canada Fellows boldly continues that tradition of building leadership for Canada’s future. We are excited...

Date: Friday June 8, 2018

The Values Proposition: Building a Stronger Canada through Values-Based Sport

This report summarizes what we heard during five roundtables held through spring 2018 and which explored actions and policies aimed at ensuring values-based sport is an intentional and fundamental part of the Canadian sport system, from playground to podium.

Date: Wednesday August 8, 2018

Canada-China Relations: A Note on Public Attitudes

...ties with China, 71 percent worry about Canada being affected by economic volatility in China and 64 percent worried that Canada will become more vulnerable to economic and political pressures...

Date: Tuesday June 20, 2017

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