A country’s economic strength is enhanced by its ability to win investment from multi-national enterprises (MNEs). Global corporate mandates bestow subsidiaries with resources that are essential for establishing and expanding operations. They also help to spur positive spin-off benefits, including innovation and job growth that benefit stakeholders across industries and sectors. Canadian leaders who understand the factors that drive MNE investment decisions are better positioned for success.

Canada enjoys a number of advantages that have made our country a primary destination for global corporate investments. A highly-skilled workforce, low corporate tax rates and the prevalence of multi-sector partnerships have contributed to building a strong business environment.

At the same time, Canadian business leaders continue to be confronted by shortcomings that are negatively impacting their ability to compete with global peers.

Over the past year, the Public Policy Forum interviewed leaders in 5 key business sectors and convened an executive discussion to explore how Canadian decision-makers can overcome these challenges. This report highlights the key issues that require closer examination and provides insight into how Canada can better compete for global investment.

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