The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) was created in 2013 after policymakers identified a need for Alberta to create a more robust and comprehensive regulatory body. As President and CEO of the AER, former provincial Deputy Minister and retired Army Colonel Jim Ellis is responsible for an organization that oversees all oil and gas development projects in the province, and processes over 60,000 applications each year. A guiding principle for the AER is that it needs to be professional, and needs to be recognized as such. To support this, Mr. Ellis and the AER have developed an ambitious strategy for informing Canadians and the international community about the work of the AER, and are taking measurable steps to improving regulatory standards in Alberta and beyond.

As part of this outreach, Mr. Ellis gave a presentation in Ottawa on December 3, 2014. The Public Policy Forum brought together 27 business leaders, energy regulators, public servants and other stakeholders in Ottawa. Moderated by David Mitchell, President and CEO of the Forum, the discussion featured opening remarks by Jim Ellis, and explored the role of regulatory diplomacy in ensuring responsible energy development. An insightful exchange of ideas followed.

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