As the Canadian economy wrestles with the effects of global financial downturn, employment prospects are on the minds of Canadians everywhere. In particular, youth unemployment rates have reached far beyond the national average, and have yet to come back down to the level demonstrated by other age groups. Additional challenges arising from shifting demographics and strained social programs mean that finding long-term employment and building a sustained career is more important for youth than ever.

To discuss actionable strategies for addressing the challenges of youth employment in a changing economy, the Public Policy Forum hosted a one- day symposium in partnership with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. This event convened leaders from the public, private, education and non-profit sectors. They explored innovative approaches and solutions to address youth employment challenges.

This report provides key insights into global and domestic best practices and promising approaches, as well as opportunities for action in specific areas:

  • Co-ops, apprenticeships, and internships
  • Multiple pathways to prosperity
  • Career development services and mentorship
  • Connecting through new tools and technologies
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