The Consultative Forum on China held its second roundtable on Sept. 14 2017 and the minutes of the proceedings and the presentations to participants can be found in the following summary.

The report includes:

  • Meeting Minutes Consultative Forum on China 2nd Session, September 14, 2017
  • Update: Polling Dr. Paul Evans, Institute of Asian Research and Liu Institute for Global Issues, University of British Columbia
  • Human Rights Carole Samdup and Alex Never, Canada Tibet Committee and Amnesty International
  • Discussion on Next Steps Stephanie Carvin, ‘A Mouse Sleeping Next to a Dragon: New Twitches and Grunts’
  • A Mouse Sleeping Next to a Dragon: New Twitches and Grunts Stephanie Carvin, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University
  • Key Findings Pragmatism amidst Anxiety: Canadian Opinions on China and Canada-China Relations
  • Why Human Rights?

Download the report 

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