About the project: 

We know the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) will have far-reaching implications for our world, but we know very little about those implications. Researchers and business leaders are moving quickly to explore and exploit an ever-growing field of AI advantages and opportunities. Policy makers, recognizing the profound importance, seek an appropriate framework, including how humans move around and transport goods and how we predict, identify and treat disease.

This project will convene leading academic, industry and policy thinkers and actors in the AI field with a view to identifying the major factors that should shape integrated, coherent policy responses. While the implications and implementations of AI will cross all areas of economic and social activity, this series will begin by focusing on the impacts of AI on: 1) connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs); and 2) precision medicine.


A series of full-day workshops held in Toronto will convene leading thinkers and practitioners. The first workshop will focus on the implications of AI on connected and automated vehicles, while the second will focus on the implications of AI on precision medicine. The main outcome will be the development of an overview of the main challenges and recommendations for actions by private and public organizations in these areas.

Participants at each session will have the opportunity to prepare short discussion papers and engage with their peers on a selection of key thematic areas in each of the sectors. In particular, the sessions will focus on key challenges and opportunities for:

  • Leveraging industry capabilities and anchor Canadian expertise to develop applications for the marketplace;
  • Scaling up digital technology networks across Canada;
  • Identifying the most promising areas where Canada can best develop a global leadership in AI in both fields;
  • Adapting framework policies on privacy, data sharing and security to ensure interoperability and standardization in data collection across provinces; and,
  • Identifying and attracting the talent and skills needed to advance AI in both fields

PPF will prepare a report based on the discussions at each of the workshops, with policy recommendations around CAVs and precision medicine, but also broader themes that are relevant to other areas where AI is expected to have pervasive implications.


Spring – Summer 2018


Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada


Tanya Gracie

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