Optimistic that we will have a COVID-19 vaccine soon, Dr. Alan Bernstein joins former health minister Anne McLellan and host Edward Greenspon for a cautious discussion about the four-way deal Canada just signed to manufacture a vaccine, public trust in a vaccine, and the political tensions that might affect getting a vaccine to those most in need. Join us for the season two opener of Policy Speaking!

Listen in with Dr. Alan Bernstein and the Hon. Anne McLellan

Host Edward Greenspon hears about progress on the virus with two expert guests at the forefront of these discussions.

Dr. Alan Bernstein is a member of Canada’s COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force and the President of CIFAR (the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research). He’s a one time medical researcher and former head of CIHR (Canadian Institutes of Health Research) and also served as Executive Director of the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise in New York, an international alliance charged with accelerating the search for an HIV vaccine. He recently published an article in The Atlantic titled I’m Optimistic That We Will Have a COVID-19 Vaccine Soon.

The Hon. Anne McLellan is making her second appearance on Policy Speaking. As former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, among her many responsibilities in government, she also served as federal Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and as Minister of Health.