As younger Canadians endeavour to make a life for themselves, they are increasingly “squeezed” by stationary incomes, strain in procuring quality employment, high costs for services, and rising debts. In this episode, Dr. Kershaw, founder of Generation Squeeze joins host Edward Greenspon to make sense of the shocking labour force numbers affecting young people in Canada amidst COVID-19.

Listen in with Dr. Paul Kershaw 

Dr. Paul Kershaw is the founder of Generation Squeeze – an organization that highlights where young people fit in our political landscape. He is also a professor at the University of British Columbia’s School of Population and Public Health where he studies the evolution of the standard of living in Canada, along with government policy adaptations. 

In this episode, he joins us to discuss the labour trends, and the market shift affecting young people as they navigate through the second major economic crisis of their early adult life.