This program focuses on building better understandings of Indigenous histories and experiences in Canada and learning best practices to advance reconciliation. Through interactive sessions and open discussion with Indigenous leaders, community leaders and peers, participants will broaden their knowledge and capacity to plan and implement changes in their organizations. 
About the Program

The program is a professional development opportunity for organizations and executives across sectors to explore in-depth how reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples can be put into practice.  

Over four modules, participants will take concrete steps to build their own capacity to advance reconciliation by: 

  • Improving understandings of Indigenous histories and experiences; 
  • Examining strategies and best practices for engagement and co-development; 
  • Building relationships with Indigenous communities; and 
  • Establishing a common understanding and basis for moving forward.

The program is best fit for executives, management teams and organizations in the public service, non-profits, academia and private sector organizations who seek to better understand how they can take concrete steps to practice reconciliation. 

Future programs can be adapted to your sector. Contact Jonathan to learn how.

The program will provide opportunities for open discussion with Indigenous leaders, community and peers to learn from other’s lived experiences. Time will be dedicated to ensure that all participants have opportunities to interact with facilitators and one-another to share ongoing learning.

Previous speakers have included:

  • Basics: Increase understanding of the histories of Indigenous peoples, Indigenous peoples’ perspectives, what reconciliation means, and the past and present policy environment, to broaden cultural competence and confidence. 
  • Practices: Increase understanding of how organizations and leaders can move reconciliation forward in their own roles and organizations, including how participants can incorporate it into their everyday work. Provide practical tools to apply knowledge, processes and strategies immediately. 
  • LeadershipCreate a core group of change leaders for practicing reconciliation and reflecting on the role of each leader to advance reconciliation.  
  • Networking & Community Building: Convene a group of peers who can share learnings to work on complex questions and real-world leadership challenges. Built-in group work and peer practice groups mean that each iteration of the program creates a vibrant professional community.   

The four half-day modules will be delivered over 6-8 weeks. 

Module  Details  Learning Objectives 
Module 1:  

The Basics 

  • Welcome & Introductions 
  • Expectations and personal goal aspirations 
  • Indigenous history and reflection 
  • 101 session (definitions, statistics, etc.) 
  • Understand the scope of the course and how to maximize the experience 
  • Begin the process of trust building and ensuring we have psychological safety 
  • Start the process of learning about Indigenous history 
  • Set personal goals and learning objectives 
Module 2: 


  • Sector-specific overview, best practices and legislative frameworks 
  • Project opportunities and group formation 
  • Co-design set-up and problem definition in task force groups with mentors 
  • Preparing for community visit and protocols 
  • Contextualize Reconciliation work within organizational context and other initiatives and activities (e.g. DEI) 
  • Understand barriers to inclusion faced by Indigenous peoples in your sector 
  • Assume responsibility for your learning journey 
  • Learn how to identify and work towards specific objectives and outcomes with your task force group 
Module 3:

Community Visit 

  • Sector- and location-specific community visit 
  • Meetings with leadership and administration 
  • Experience protocol  
  • Understand what it means to show up positively 
  • Become familiar with roles and relationships in community 
Module 4:

Co-Design and Action 

  • Weave common themes across homework 
  • Task Force Group Presentations  
  • Keynote Speaker – reflections and looking ahead 
  • Personal commitments and individual plan setting 
  • Understand common themes and opportunities across project areas 
  • Develop a common path forward 
  • Non-Members: $3450 + HST
  • PPF Members receive a 15% rebate (see if your organization is a PPF Member)
  • If four or more people from the same organization, you can receive a further 10% rebate

The program can be tailored to your organization or sectors needs, and group rates are available.

New program dates will be announced soon.

Program participants will receive a PPF Academy certificate upon completion of the four modules.


PPF and Coeuraj have extensive networks of Indigenous partners across Canada in different sectors. For Module 3 of the program, we invite a local partner for the delivery, facilitation and rely on new and existing collaborators to speak on issues pertaining to the topic at hand and/or topics relevant to the learning cohort. 

In Partnership with


PPF and Coeuraj (formerly Watershed) both believe that reconciliation is a Canadian imperative that starts with dialogue, learning and a commitment to action – which is why we are working together to bring forward a learning and development program that builds on the TRC’s calls to action. Together, PPF and Coeuraj understand the realities faced by sectors of the Canadian economy and civil society as they try to advance reconciliation – and both are committed to supporting them to make the vision of Reconciliation a reality.

It's been an inspirational learning experience. It's the best learning experience I've had since joining the government 26 years ago. Coming into my role, I had little to no experience working with Indigenous communities. Now, I have a better sense of the scope of the work.

Jeff Series participant with ESDC in Vancouver
Karen Restoule
Gina Doxtator
Tabatha Soltay
For more information contact Jonathan Perron-Clow Please reach out for more information about programming tailored for your sector.