PPF Academy is offering this newly developed program to executives and change leaders across sectors who seek to build a more inclusive workplace to prevent an ableist return to work.
About the Program

The Public Policy Forum (PPF) has been leading the conversation on the future of work and tracking how the COVID-19 pandemic has sped up and intensified changes to work and workplaces. The pandemic made things both harder and better in some ways for people with disabilities and has challenged employers’ abilities and priorities to grow and support their workforce.  

In pursuit of a post-pandemic economy that is equitable for all and positioned for growth, and building on the innovative PPF Access Ability research project that involved leading experts and PPF’s network of major Canadian employers plus provincial and federal policymakers, this professional development opportunity combines our main research findings with an experiential peer learning and change management approach to advance disability inclusion.  

Over three modules, participants will increase their capacity to take concrete steps towards building a more inclusive workplace for people with visible and non-visible disabilities by: 

  • Learning from peers and experts with lived experience about practices, strategies and policy supports that help employers hire & advance people with disabilities. 
  • Exploring organizational and leadership skills and tools needed to navigate these complex issues; and 
  • Developing a network of change leaders across organizations and sectors. Through built-in group work and peer practice groups you will become part of a vibrant professional community. 

Who Should Participate? 

The program is for executives, HR experts and practice leads in the public service, non-profits, academia, and private sector organizations who seek to better understand how they can take concrete steps towards building a more inclusive workplace for employees with visible and non-visible disabilities.  

This program can also be tailored and delivered to an organization or sector specific group. Contact Rosemary to learn more.

The Program 

The three-module program is facilitated by a team of experienced moderators and involves presentations by experts, small group discussions, an interactive learning and co-design sessions. The program will help participants

  • Envision success, strategy, and implementation to create an inclusive workplace; 
  • Understand how to create an atmosphere open to disclosure and accommodations across the employment cycle;  
  • Learn about strategies to help with retention, training, advancement, and full inclusion of employees with disabilities; and
  • Incorporation of disability equity into intersectional Equity, Diversity and Inclusion efforts. 

 Program Features 

  • Basics: Increase understanding and awareness of barriers to inclusion faced by people with disabilities in the workplace and strategies  
  • Practical tools: Use of a multimedia toolkit to apply knowledge, processes, and strategies in participants’ organizations by using a storytelling and case study approach. 
  • Change Leadership: Increase capacity to affect change in organizations and develop concrete practices and tools that stick.  
  • Networking & Community Building: Opportunity to engage with an exciting and diverse group of peers working on dynamic questions and real-world leadership challenges.

*Plus 4-5 hours of asynchronous learning and group work between modules. 


Coming Spring 2022! Email Rosemary at the PPF Academy to join the waiting list. 


 Program Fees 

  • For PPF members: $1,500 (plus HST) per participant 
  • For non-members: $ 1,700 (plus HST) per participant 
  • For non-profit organization participants: $850 (plus HST)